Les « english poems » de la mouette #9 : Knight in shining armor


Knight in shining armor

I was waiting for you, alone, filled with horror,

Dying of everything in a dark corridor,

Frightened and speechless, surrounded by pale ghosts,

With a momified heart skating on dried skeletons,

And my spirit of lost love fading through closed doors.


I can see you now, return from many battles

Against dark evils and forces of perdition,

Deeply woundered throughout your bloody muscles

Riding your proud white horse toward my dungeon.


How I feared so much for you, feeling powerless,

And now that you are finally safe back home,

I cannot stop weeping, tears tearing my dress,

I would like you to know you are no more alone.


How released am I, my sweet, sweet silver darling,

Knowing that you will soon sleep by my side tonight !

Please don’t fly back away each and every morning,

For I surely would die, loosing my only knight.

You in your shining armor are more precious to my heart

Than the most splendid treasures of the world appart.

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Les « english poems » de la mouette #8 : Ace of heart


You’ve got it all,

What a sweat journey !

In your arms they all fall,

Attracted bees by honey.


Your open heart’s as wide

As the burning sky,

Ferocios knight and wild,

For no girls too shy.


You’re one heart of a kind,

But many souls in one,

Don’t you really mind

For once, leaving them alone ?


Above all lovers,

You stand, iced and cold,

Deny all others,

Fearless card and bold.


But here comes your King,

To earth you shall bow,

For you how heartbreaking

To lay down, stay low.


Your heart is no longer

Filled with others,

You’re no more The Lover

Master card of universe.



PAR PETITES TOUCHES, pensées sans retouches : Love rock medley



Love rock medley

Yesterday, Ain’t no sunshine in my life anymore. I felt Like a rolling stone, a Bridge over troubled water,Rock lobster, Smoke on the water or even like a Candle in the wind. I shout : « Help Can’t buy me love ! Please, please, please ! One way or another ! » I felt Paranoid in such Highway to hell.

-« What’s going on ? » asked my friend Billy Jean.

-« I can’t get no satisfaction » , I said. « Imagine I can’t feel Good vibrations anymore. With my Heart of glassShould I stay or should I go with The great pretender ? »

-She said : « Wake up little SusieGet up, stand upDon’t worry babe and Let it beDo you believe in magicEvery breath you take rolling in these Strawberry fields, crossing Penny lane or staying at Hotel California, running under Purple rainor just Walking in the rain, or taking this journey through The sound of silence, everything should be able to help you Stayin’ alive ! These are Great balls of fire and real Sexual healing ! »

That’s why I decided to call my lover back : « Hey Joemy Rocket man, my Piano man, I put a spell on you and even if I’ve been loving you too longI want you back, I Wish you were hereMiss you ! Call me ! »

-He answered : « Peggy Sue, Love me tender. Why do you Cry me a riverWill you love me tomorrow, my Heartbreaker ? You know how much I got you babeYou are the sunshine of my lifeBaby love ! » .

Then, One more time, in our secret Chapel of love, I asked him : « Da ya think I’m sexy ? » Back in black, I asked him : « Save the last dance for me » . So, like his Dancing queen, I began Dancing barefoot. Oh, what a night !

After this amazing night, I could throw Another brick in the wall, while singing Goodbye yellow brick roadBut I decided to buy a Ticket to ride and Walk this way, with my Umbrella, because I had so Many rivers to cross.

Besides, I realized that, While my guitar gently weepsWith a little help from my friendsI will survive. And, Like a prayer, I wisperded « My sweet Lord, How deep is your love in your Heart of gold ! Don’t let me be misunderstood ! Such Sweet emotion ! I feel love again ! Indeed, Everybody needs somebody to love ! »    

Sweet dreams are made of this. Just Beat it.

God Save the Queen ! Hallelujah !!

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Les « english poems » de la mouette #4 : Farewell love memories




Farewell love memories

Farewell love memories, as sweet butterflies,

To a land of nobodies, spreading into lies.

From tearing tears, throughout eternal days sobbing,

Beloved fading faces are eventually nothing.


My heart is weeping, squeezed and drained,

Around wandering, through a valley of silence.

Yet, no questions, nor hope are to be remained,

For my soul forever won’t, now, grieve the absence.

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